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Urgent Care Animal Clinic in Port Richey

Our facility is an overnight clinic with a pet urgent care vet in Port Richey available for your pet’s continued care. We understand it is stressful not being able to see your regular vet when your pet isn’t well, but you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands with our attentive staff. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, high-quality medical and surgical care. We offer an extensive range of veterinary services, all located within the premises so your furry friend doesn’t have to wait for the care they need.

When should you take your furry friend to an urgent care vet clinic?

Animal Emergency Clinic of Pasco is fully equipped to provide immediate, top-notch care for a wide variety of symptoms and behaviors. Immediately bring your pet to our clinic if they are exhibiting any of these symptoms:

  • Pet vomiting or diarrhea
  • Blood in vomit or diarrhea
  • Frequent urination, straining but unable to urinate
  • Itchy ears, squinting eyes, severe skin infection
  • Unsteady when walking or falling over
  • Respiratory distress or difficulty breathing
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Always There For You And Your Pet

Our urgent pet animal hospital is proud to be here for you when other vets are closed. When your pet needs care, we are ready. Our office hours include nights, weekends, and holidays because our primary purpose is to be here for you. Our animal urgent care vet in Port Richey believes in local veterinarians’ and our purpose is to support them and their patients for after hour needs.

Call us today: 727-841-6575

Protect your furry friend from harmful parasites

Dogs are naturally curious explorers, venturing into the great outdoors and socializing with other pets. While curiosity is great, it also increases their risk of contracting harmful parasites like fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites like heartworm disease, round worms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms, just to name a few.

With dogs’ active lifestyles, relying on other treatments leaves gaps in their protection. To protect your pet’s well-being, ask your veterinarian about giving your pet a broad spectrum of coverage.

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Our pet parents are our biggest fans!

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They saved my puppy's life when she was bloated from eating too fast. It did take time to see them but they did have different cases ahead of us.


My dog Kobe was severely injured and was rushed here, staff immediately took action and was able to help my dog keep his leg that was almost detached from his body!! It's...

Jessica S.

Zack and Samantha were absolutely amazing when we needed emergency boarding for our dogs. Our dogs are our children and we needed a place we could trust to take care of them.

Daniel R.

If I could give more stars, I would. There is no one more loving and attentive than this clinic especially Nikki she was very amazing and caring and loving.

Carmen S.

These people are THE BEST ANGELS! I recently had to put my cat down and I was an emotional mess.

Christy H.

Dr Lee is an amazing doctor with a big heart and huge skills to help animals.

Anna W.

I definitely, wholeheartedly, 110% recommend this office. Please, for anything you need, take your animals here, they definitely care. It's worth any wait time.

Trinity M.

Brought my dog in this morning for an ear infection. I'm very grateful and pleased with the care she received.

Sandy D.

I was very happy with how quick and easy my experience was. And I didn’t feel like I was robbed of my money either.

Shannon L.

Animal Emergency of Pasco has been our savior the past couple months. We found a kitten outside and 4 days later needed emergency surgery.

Shauni R.

Took my Buster cat in at once. Called and kept me posted. My heart is broken until I know what's wrong with him and what our course of treatment will be.

Vicky M.

We truly appreciate the care and compassion you showed our beloved old man “baby” Dakota helping him gain his well deserved wings.

Terri C.

Took my puppy in right away. Everyone was very sweet and supportive. Dr lee was very nice and informative.

Megan H.

We can’t thank Pasco Animal Emergency enough for saving our cat Buddy! They took such amazing care of him and was so thorough on keep us informed every step of the way!!...

Rose L.

Animal Emergency was responsive and compassionate in the care of our 20 year old cat.

Pamela S.

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Pet ER and Urgent Care Animal Hospital in Port Richey, FL

Let our facility serve your pet’s emergency needs. From our veterinarians to our skilled surgical team, we work together to ensure your pet receives the best possible care. We are proud to have dedicated nurses and technicians who provide care for hospitalized and intensive care patients.

If your pet needs immediate care, call 727-841-6575 or save your spot in line.

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Meet our passionate team!

Dr. Barry Lee


Dr. Lee graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1988. He completed an internship in Avian Medicine, Pocket Pets, and Reptiles. He also completed an externship in Dolphin Medicine.

Dr. Lee founded Animal Emergency of Pasco in 1990. He has been serving the community for over 30 years!

Surgery is where Dr. Lee thrives. His vast experience is a wonderful asset to our hospital. He especially loves abdominal and thoracic surgery.

He is committed to stellar patient care, is calm in Critical situations, and his vast experience leaves him prepared for any emergency.

When not at our hospital, you will likely find Dr. Lee hanging with his family – Boating, Fishing, Kayaking, Biking, or on the Racquetball court.



Samantha started in Vet Med as a teenager. She entered the Vet Tech Program – beginning college in NJ, and after moving to Florida, graduated from St. Petersburg College.

Sam has been with Animal Emergency for 31 years!

Samantha thrives in Critical Care Nursing. Her experience and attentive eye make her an asset to the ICU. She also enjoys Transfusion Medicine and Radiology.

On her off-time, Sam can usually be found on the Beach, at a Jeep Event, or hanging out with her kids.



Jacque grew up in the Veterinary Field – as a young child she spent her time observing the Veterinarians and Nurses. She was born and raised in Florida.

Jacque has been with our hospital over 15 years!

Jacque excels in Nursing: she can place the most difficult catheter and will obtain blood samples on the most critical of patients. Jacque is the nurse to call for a “bloat” and has excellent Client Communication skills.

On her off-time, you will find Jacque visiting the Mountains, heading over to Disney, and of course spending time with her family.



Kim was born in Virginia (a military kid) and grew up in North Carolina. She attended college there (obtaining her Vet Tech Degree) before moving to Florida.

Kim has been with AEoP for 17 years!

Kim’s area to shine is Surgery, during her many years of overnight experience she has seen almost everything. She also loves Transfusion Medicine and Hospice Care.

On her off-time Kim can be found hanging with her husband, at an Air Show, or designing a beautiful quilt.

Cat Middleton


Cat Middleton was born to be a Princess – a title she takes quite seriously.

Cat spends her days napping on her Pedestal, atop the Fridge, or in the Lobby. She is also sure to sit on any paper an employee is trying to read. She enjoys chasing paper balls and drinking from the running faucet.

Cat Middleton offers unconditional love and support, and will openly offer her love to all who need it!

Does your pet need immediate care?

8740 US 19 
Port Richey, FL 34668 

Our highly-trained urgent care veterinarians and technicians have a passion for providing compassionate, quality care.

Call us at 727-841-6575

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What To Expect at Animal Emergency of Pasco

When you arrive in our lobby, one of our staff members will gather your information. If you are able to fill out our forms online while en route to our hospital, please do so.

Your pet will be taken to the treatment area and assessed by the triage nurse. Based on the nature of your pet’s condition, care will be administered. Once assessed, our Doctor on duty will speak to you regarding your pet’s condition and treatment plan. In some cases, the nurses on duty will begin diagnostics to expedite the care of your pet

How long is the wait to see the Veterinarian?

In most cases, patients are seen on a “first-come, first-served” basis. More life-threatening cases, however, must take priority. If you feel your pet’s condition is life-threatening, please notify our staff immediately upon arrival so the veterinarian on duty can perform an examination without delay.

As this exam is conducted in the treatment area, you will not be present with your pet. Typically, the veterinarian will then meet with you personally to discuss findings and recommend a treatment plan. If your pet is in critical condition, you may be asked for verbal permission for immediate treatment.

Although we strive to meet with clients promptly, the unpredictable nature and severity of emergency cases may, at times, create delays, just as in human emergency rooms. We serve as both an emergency room and an intensive care unit, so while the lobby may not appear too busy, we may be tending to the needs of critically ill patients that are hospitalized.

Your patience is appreciated. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable.

We Provide an Upfront Treatment Plan on All Our Services

We know that your pet is an important part of your family and understand that the costs associated with care can affect how you choose to proceed concerning treatment.

At Animal Emergency of Pasco, we will discuss costs with you before we initiate any diagnostics, procedures, or treatments on your pet so you are not caught off guard when you receive your bill for services. We promise to provide the level of health care that each owner has chosen, and we will be glad to discuss any fees, deposits, and forms of payment we accept to avoid any misunderstandings.

Please know that in severe life-threatening cases, we may need to begin to administer care prior to providing a full estimate of the cost.

Why Hospitalization?

An injury, illness, or emergency situation happens to almost every pet at some point during their lifetime. It can be a sudden illness, injury, an unexpected condition that requires emergency surgery, or maybe poisoning from ingesting a toxic substance.

No matter the cause, emergencies and veterinary stays happen. In these situations, hospitalization is necessary because your pet requires continued monitoring and care that your regular veterinarian cannot provide. We are happy to provide those after-hour services and emergency treatments.

What Happens When Your Pet is Hospitalized?

If your pet needs to be hospitalized, you’ll receive a treatment plan from a member of our staff. They will advise you on what to expect, along with hospital policies and procedures. Many pets receive IV therapy while in the hospital, along with specialized diet and medications per the pet’s condition. The treatment plan will vary according to the reason your pet is in the hospital.

Most pets who receive hospital care will be housed in our treatment and recovery area, or if the situation is critical, in our Intensive Care Unit. While your pet is in the hospital, they will receive continuous monitoring and care by the doctor and technicians.

Can I Visit My Pet?

For the health and recovery of your pet and other pets, we generally discourage visitation. In lieu of visitation, the team at AEOP makes communication a priority, so please call as often as you feel necessary.

If any new situation with your pet’s health status changes, we will contact you so you know what to expect and how your pet is progressing. There are cases where the medical team feels it is in the pet’s best interest to have visits from their owners. If so, the team will speak with you about visitation.

Feel free to provide us with your email address, and we will be happy to send pictures of your pet while in our hospital.

Working with Your Regular Veterinarian

As an emergency service, we work in conjunction with your pet’s primary care veterinarian.

All medical records from your pet’s visit to AEOP will be sent to your regular veterinarian at the time of discharge, ensuring they have all of the information necessary to provide any additional care.