Get to Know Our Dedicated Team

Meet the dedicated doctors & veterinary support staff at Animal Emergency of Pasco.


Compassionate Care in Critical Times

Our doctors and staff bring years of experience to the table.

Most of the staff have been at our hospital for more than 10 years – we work well together and will dedicate our time to your pet’s care. Our collective experience assists in the prompt and compassionate care your furbaby will receive while at our ER.

We have several licensed veterinarians and trained technicians who are fully prepared to provide your pet with immediate support for emergencies, illness, and injuries that may or may not be life threatening.

Meet the Team

Meet our skilled team. We work together to ensure your pet receives the best possible care.

Our Team

Dr. Barry Lee


Dr. Lee graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1988. He completed an internship in Avian Medicine, Pocket Pets, and Reptiles. He also completed an externship in Dolphin Medicine.

Dr. Lee founded Animal Emergency of Pasco in 1990. He has been serving the community for over 30 years!

Surgery is where Dr. Lee thrives. His vast experience is a wonderful asset to our hospital. He especially loves abdominal and thoracic surgery.

He is committed to stellar patient care, is calm in Critical situations, and his vast experience leaves him prepared for any emergency.

When not at our hospital, you will likely find Dr. Lee hanging with his family – Boating, Fishing, Kayaking, Biking, or on the Racquetball court.



Practice Manager

Samantha started in Vet Med as a teenager. She entered the Vet Tech Program – beginning college in NJ, and after moving to Florida, graduated from St. Petersburg College.

Sam has been with Animal Emergency for 31 years!

Samantha thrives in Critical Care Nursing. Her experience and attentive eye make her an asset to the ICU. She also enjoys Transfusion Medicine and Radiology.

On her off-time, Sam can usually be found on the Beach, at a Jeep Event, or hanging out with her kids.


Assistant Manager

Jacque grew up in the Veterinary Field – as a young child she spent her time observing the Veterinarians and Nurses. She was born and raised in Florida.

Jacque has been with our hospital over 15 years!

Jacque excels in Nursing: she can place the most difficult catheter and will obtain blood samples on the most critical of patients. Jacque is the nurse to call for a “bloat” and has excellent Client Communication skills.

On her off-time, you will find Jacque visiting the Mountains, heading over to Disney, and of course spending time with her family.


Lead Overnight Nurse

Kim was born in Virginia (a military kid) and grew up in North Carolina. She attended college there (obtaining her Vet Tech Degree) before moving to Florida.

Kim has been with AEoP for 17 years!

Kim’s area to shine is Surgery, during her many years of overnight experience she has seen almost everything. She also loves Transfusion Medicine and Hospice Care.

On her off-time Kim can be found hanging with her husband, at an Air Show, or designing a beautiful quilt.

Cat Middleton

Professional Cat

Cat Middleton was born to be a Princess – a title she takes quite seriously.

Cat spends her days napping on her Pedestal, atop the Fridge, or in the Lobby. She is also sure to sit on any paper an employee is trying to read. She enjoys chasing paper balls and drinking from the running faucet.

Cat Middleton offers unconditional love and support, and will openly offer her love to all who need it!